Poem, be beautiful

Poem, be beautiful,

honey-gin, quail’s wing,

Spicy on the tongue.

Tick-tick,  fitting locks,

Clip-clip, canter, crackle, do whatever tickles

The ears of your listener.

The listener is why you’re here, is it not?


Poem, be accessible, be


not convoluted, not flourishing

Not ridiculous bloviate, codswallop, kerfuffle,


No, be concrete, concise, cough-cough,

Cover up,

Else nobody will stay around to hear you.


Poem, flowing water,

Cradle yourself in your own arms

Of verse.

Trail yourself on lashes of silver,

Spill through falling tresses,

Falling letters,

Falling messages,

Lest no one understand you.

Do not fear being forgotten,

As one day surely you will be –

Just enjoy the taste of freed air,

Enjoy the haste of being here,

Written out for all to see.



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