My body is the land

My body is the land –

Skin melting mud, rivers of blood,

Forest hands, tears of sand –

I am depleting.


My eyes gaze upon each broken bone,

My ravaged roots – I am a mess –

In need of rescue, no-one has come,

My treasures near all gone.


I was dressed in pearls and flowers,

My earrings – waves of surf,

Hair swept up with Kauri branches –

My body was the earth.


And now I sit and wait to die –

They said they’d help – another lie –

I won’t believe it ‘till I see it,

My beauty already near all gone.


But maybe you could help, my last entreaty

If you want to save my beauty –

There’s still my heart, still my face,

Still reason to make this world a better place.


My body is the land –

It is precious, and it won’t last,

This is my final gasp

For air.


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