More about my heightened headspace – a poem

Heightened –

A headspace –

Did you want to stay?

Take this drink –

Top it up –

Focus, eyes glazed –

I’m – Breathe

You know

I’d rather leave a gap,

Than in one be left,

Seen, not be seen,

Noticed, bereft,


I’m thinking of you –

But you not of me,

But I’m not in love,

Do you understand me?

I’m shrinking away,

Disappearing space,

I’d rather be less

And feel sharp edges of life,

I’m alive

I’m beginning to understand

The attraction of fear,

Would sooner over-live,

Than exist hardly here,

Rather shadow in shell,

An intruder in hell,

Than drift in the clouds,

In the now.

Photocred to LoveCharlotte

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