“I clothe myself in words,

as if they could protect me.”

My name is Emma, or the Cloud Poet. I’m a 19 year old law/literature/creative writing student in Wellington, New Zealand. And I write because it’s what I’ve always done. When I was five, I vowed I’d one day write a book. Working on it. This year especially, writing has become my oasis from a confusing world. Writing has become my cornerstone, my heartbeat. I write down everything – conversations, thoughts, worries. I translate my life into poem, my dreams into song. Words give beauty to life, they allow me to escape reality. I hope, if you’re reading this, that some of my poems add something to you. That perhaps you relate to some feeling of mine, or even just like a certain rhyme. Especially for those of you who truly know what ‘the cloud’ feels like, I wish you well.